Dermatologist Billing and Collection Services

Running a dermatology department is not a cakewalk. From hiring the best dermatologist to making insurance claims, the process can be messy and time-consuming. That is why you should outsource the following services to a medical company.

Dermatologist Credentialing: A dermatologist promises to give soft and supple skin with the latest treatments. People visit the dermatologist for every minor to a major skin problem. The goal is to get rid of all skin related problems with the help of medicine. However, sometimes a few people end up getting rashes on their skin due to the treatment. This is because the dermatologist they visited may not be qualified at all. A highly qualified dermatologist is aware of all the possible reactions and is trained to take all precautions. But finding a doctor with good credentials is not easy at all. This is where dermatologist credentialing comes in. The purpose of the services is to fire the best dermatologist with the help of a medical service provider.

Dermatologist Billing and Collection: The dermatologist billing and collection service is important due to its direct relation to the insurance claim and reimbursement process. The process is quite tiring with so many steps involved in it. It forms a long chain connecting patient, dermatologist and the insurance payer. The purpose is to charge the patient for all the dermatological services that he/she may have received. Keeping this in mind, the dermatologist billing and collection service follow the four-step procedure involving—eligibility verification, medical coding, charge entry and claim submission. Outsourcing dermatologist billing and collection service ensure that the billing is error-free. Furthermore, it helps the dermatologist to work without stress by promising on-time payment for his medical services.

Dermatologist Insurance Verification:In the healthcare industry, insurance plays an important role in providing financial aid to those who cannot afford medical services. Without insurance policies, many patients fail to visit a dermatologist get proper treatment for their severe skin conditions. However, insurance claims are subjective to fraud and denials. Sometimes the insurance payer refuses to pay the promised amount. In a few cases, a lot of patients lie about medical insurance. This is where the dermatologist insurance verification service comes in. The purpose of the service is to verify insurance claims. This involves cross-checking the insurance information provided by the patient. It also involves getting authorization for the insurance claim from the payer. The dermatologist insurance verification service is imperative in avoiding insurance fraud and denials.

Dermatologist Patient Statement: Insurance claims promise to pay some portion of the amount on behalf of the patient. This means the patient is responsible for paying the remaining amount. However, sometimes patients argue about paying the due amount for they believe that every charge is to be covered by the patient. To prevent such scenarios, the hospital outsources dermatologist patient statement service. The service proves to be beneficial in explaining the patient about the dermatological services along with their charges. Furthermore, the dermatologist patient statement also gives complete detail of the amount paid by the insurance payer along with the remaining amount. This helps the patient to understand that he/she is obliged to pay the remaining amount.