General Practitioner Billing and Collection Services

Unlike other doctors, a general practitioner does not hold specialization in any field of medicine. Instead, the general practitioner possesses knowledge about a vast number of medical issues. As the name suggests, a general practitioner practices general medicine that may include identifying early symptoms of a disease or other health problems. The focus of a general practitioner is on the general well being of its patients. Sine, a general practitioner, is not an expert in any particular field of medicine, he/she refers to his/her patients to a specialist/. For example, a general practitioner finds out that his/her patient may have a severe skin condition, then he/she may refer the patients to a dermatologist for further treatment.

A general practitioner is the first physician that a patient prefers to visit just for a consultation. There are two reasons behind it. Firstly, the medical condition is not a server at all. Secondly, general practitioners charge fewer fees so why burn money if you can get a consultation at low charges. Since a general practitioner is the first choice; therefore, it is of utmost importance to visit an experienced general practitioner. But identifying an expert is not easy. This is where medical billing companies come in.

Medical Companies and Services

Medical billing companies offer their invaluable services to help your hospital in practising general medicine with the utmost efficiency.

General Practitioner Credentialing: If your hospital is planning to hire a general practitioner but is running short on staff and time, then medical companies can help you solve your problem. Instead of asking your team to spend time interviewing an eligible candidate, you can opt for a general practitioner credentialing service. The service will help you save time and boost productivity at the workplace by hiring the best general practitioner for you. The medical company will provide you with a dedicated team that will ensure to verify the credentials of the general practitioner before hiring him/her. By availing this service, you’ll have the assurance of providing the best consultation to your patients.

General Practitioner Billing and Collection: Services provided by a general practitioner are entirely different than a specialist like a neurologist or a dermatologist (or any other specialist). Therefore, it is essential to bill a patient for the general practitioner’s medical services. In this case, a separate billing sheet is generated to collect the payment of the general practitioner. This is where general practitioner billing and collection service comes in.  The purpose of the services is to charge very patiently to consult the general practitioner.

General Practitioner Insurance Verification: Insurance claims are quite common in the healthcare industry. Every health insurance policy comes with a risk of fraud and denials. This can affect the claims and reimbursement badly. Availing general practitioner insurance verification ensures that the insurance payer pays the promised amount.

General Practitioner Patient Statement: After the insurance payer, it is the patient. It is required to pay the remaining amount. To avoid any confusion, the biller generates a general practitioner-patient statement explaining all the medical services and charges. This service ensures complete payment of the general practitioner’s fee.