Geriatrician Billing and Collection Services

The healthcare industry is dedicated to providing medical services to each individual, from infants to adults to older people. Out of these three age groups, infants and older people are in immediate need of medical care. It’s because both of these groups are dependent on others for their care, love, and survival. In the case of infants, people seem to be more worried. It may be due to the fear of losing the happiness that a baby brings in the life of people. While, in the case of old people, the majority of families tend to perceive them as a liability. Some elders are left to die on the streets while others are forced to live in old-age homes. It is, therefore, the health care industry offers its utmost care and love for elderly people. Keeping this in mind, every hospital has a department to provide medical care and treatments to elderly people. This is where medical billing services come in.

All the leading medical companies provide the following services:

Geriatrician Credentialing: The physicians holding specialization in geriatrics are called geriatricians. In order to make geriatrics medicine, successful hospitals are required to hire the best geriatrician. The hiring process is one of the most tiring tasks involving a lot of time consumption. The hospital staff has to dedicate a great amount of time to interview all the eligible candidates applying for the post of a geriatrician. It is, therefore, hospitals are outsourcing geriatrician credentialing services to medical companies. The purpose of geriatrician credentialing in to verify the qualifications assess the geriatrics’ knowledge and skills and cross-check the credentials of the candidates. This process makes it easy to hire the best person for the job without compromising the quality of geriatrics medicine.

Geriatrician Billing and Collection: Geriatricians deliver their best medical care to elderly patients. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the hospital to ensure that their geriatrics physician gets paid for his/her medical care services. Outsourcing geriatrician billing and collection service helps the hospital to maintain the finances coming from geriatrics medicine. The service is beneficial to boost revenue, managing time and improving geriatrics medical care.

Geriatrician Insurance Verification: Insurance policies work best for elderly patients by promising to give the best medical care within their savings amount. However, insurance claims are required to verify and authorized in order to prevent any denial or fraud. Geriatrician insurance verification helps in authorizing the insurance claim, thus obliging the insurance company to pay the promised amount.

Geriatrician Patient Statement: Insurance payers make it easy for the elderly people to get the best medical treatment by paying some amount for the medical services they may have received. However, the rest of the amount is to be paid to the elderly patient of his/her family members. A lot of elderly people manage to pay the remaining amount by using their savings. The geriatrician patient statement ensures the elderly patients that they are not paying the entire amount from their savings. The billing detail on the patient statement gives them the details of the charges paid by the insurance payer.