Nephrologist Billing and Collection Services

Nowadays, hospitals are crowded with patients facing kidney problems. These patients visit hospitals either to get a kidney transplant or dialysis. The doctors treating patients with kidney disease are called nephrologists; whereas, the medicine dealing with kidney disease is referred to as nephrology.

Nephrology aims at improving a patient’s kidney function by providing better treatment and medical care. A nephrologist is trained to observe any changes in a patient’s kidneys by conducting various kinds of tests. A patient suffering from chronic kidney disease is dependent on the nephrologist to save his/her life. The nephrologist identifies the problem and suggests a kidney transplant to save the life of the patient. However, it is not easy to find a matching kidney for a transplant. In such cases, the nephrologist keeps the patient on dialysis. In a few words, a nephrologist is a kidney expert who gives hope to thousands of patients that they can survive on a kidney transplant. But what if the kidney dialysis or transplant goes wrong? Then the patient will live no longer than a few days. It is; therefore, the hospitals invest in nephrology medicine so that more and more patients can be saved. To make nephrology medicine, successful hospitals are outsourcing medical billing services.

Some of the nephrology services offered by the medical billing companies are as follows:

Nephrologist Credentialing: The first step in the investment of nephrology medicine is to find the best kidney doctor. Typically, the process begins with hospital staff interviewing many eligible candidates for the post of a nephrologist. However, the process is quite tiring and consumes a lot of time. In addition to this, the verification of credentials of all the candidates is a tricky task. For this purpose, hospitals rely on nephrology credentialing service. The service is offered by medical billing companies to provide the best assistance to hospitals while hiring a nephrologist. The verification of credentials is one to ensure that the nephrologist hired by the hospital is highly qualified and possess unmatched skills and experience in nephrology.

Nephrologist Billing and Collection: Hiring a doctor is one thing but paying him for his services is another. No doctor would like to work in a hospital where there is no assurance of finances. This is where nephrology billing and collection service comes in. The service gives the assurance of billing and charging the patient for nephrology treatment. This helps the nephrologist to focus on his/her work without worrying about the finances.

Nephrologist Insurance Verification: Kidney transplants are not affordable at all but insurance policies made it possible for many patients to get the transplant. However, insurance claims may lead to fraud or denials. This may happen when a patient gives false details of insurance claims or when the payer denies paying the promised amount. In such a case, nephrology insurance verification services provide the assurances with reimbursement without any failure.

Nephrologist Patient Statement: Once the payer has paid the authorized amount the remaining amount, is to be paid by the patient. Nephrology patient statement ensures that the patient is aware of the due amount and pays it on time.