Neurologist Billing and Collection Services

The human body is quite complex, especially when it comes to the nervous system. The study of the nervous system is referred to as neurology. The doctor treating the conditions related to the nervous system is called a neurologist. A neurologist is one of the most respected doctors in the medical field. A medical student can only become a neurologist after fulfilling specific criteria. If you run a hospital, then you must be aware of the kind of importance a neurologist holds. Not everyone has the potential to become a neurologist. Years of medical education, internships and vigorous training in a neurology program are essential to creating the best neurologist. Without training, a neurologist won’t be able to treat his patients.

A neurologist is trained to treat patients showing symptoms like a change in sensation, dizziness, coordination issues, confusion, muscle weakness, and strokes. In addition to this, a neurologist is also trained to treat Alzheimer’s disease, brain abscesses, encephalitis, epilepsy, meningitis, myasthenia gravis, migraine, spinal cord disorders, etc. Moreover, a neurologist is required to choose a sub specialty after the training. Some of the sub specialties include autonomic disorders, neuro-critical care, child neurology, neuromuscular medicine, interventional neuro-radiology, geriatric neurology and vascular (stroke care), etc. Neurology is not a natural specialty to learn and perform. The fear of losing a patient suffering from any neurological issue is always there in the hospital administration. After all, every hospital wants to give the best in neurology medicine. Therefore, hospitals invest in neurology medicine to get the best equipment and doctors. This is where medical billing services come in.

Neurologist Credentialing: It is of utmost importance to verify the credentials of a neurologist. One cannot simply rely on a candidate’s medical qualification to evaluate and assess his/her neurology knowledge and skills. The neurology credentialing service is beneficial to verify the candidate’s credentials for the job. The team assigned by the medical billing company makes sure that the neurologist hired for the job has unmatched skills and experience.

Neurologist Billing and Collection: Hospitals have to maintain a consistent yet reliable revenue cycle to be able to pay doctors. The only way to boost the revenue cycle is to bill patients for the neurologist’s medical care. However, billing is not an easy task for it requires the knowledge of all the neurology treatments along with their charges. It is; therefore, hospitals outsource neurology billing and collection service. The service is beneficial in keeping track of hospitals’ finances without making any errors in the billing process.

Neurologist Insurance Verification: Insurance policies have made neurology treatment accessible to all. The majority of patients visiting neurologists claim to have healthcare insurance. However, insurance claims have some probability of denial or fraud. To prevent denials, it is essential to get the insurance claim verified and authorized by the insurance payer. Neurology insurance verification service is one way to ensure that insurance claims do not lead to denial or fraud.

Neurologist Patient Statement: As per the insurance claims, the payer only pays the authorized amount. The rest of the amount is to be paid by the patient after going through all the charges mentioned in the neurology patient statement.