Radiologists Billing and Collection Services

The healthcare industry relies on nuclear medicine to diagnose and treat thousands of patients. Almost every health problem requires the help of nuclear medicine to find any abnormalities in the human body. From diagnosing contagious infections to identifying bone fractures, it is the nuclear medicine that helps the doctor to reach a conclusion so as to prescribe any medicine or treatment. But what is nuclear medicine?

Nuclear medicine refers to the branch of medicine that uses radioactive traces, also known as radiopharmaceuticals or radioisotopes. Unlike radiology wherein the X-rays enter the human body from outside, the nuclear medicine requires the patient to take radiopharmaceuticals either by inhaling or by injection or by swallowing. Radiopharmaceuticals are drugs charged with radioactive isotopes designed to target a specific cell or tissue or organ in the human body. Once the radioactive isotopes are inside the patient’s body, then a camera or imaging device is used to detect radioactive emissions and produce molecular information. Nuclear medicine is used to diagnose conditions like cysts, infections, heart disease, hematomas, neurological disorders, and tumours, etc. However, nuclear medicine is required to be administered by a specialist. The specialists administrating nuclear medicine are called radiologists. A radiologist is trained to understand the mechanism of radioactive isotopes so as to administrate safe use of nuclear medicine. Since nuclear medicine is all about radioactive tracer, it is important to hire the best radiologist. This is where medical billing services come in.

Medical Billing Services

The following are some of the services offered by medical billing companies.

Radiologists Credentialing: No patient would ever walk into a hospital where there is no radiologist to administer nuclear medicine. It is, therefore, hospitals prefer to hire an experienced radiologist. But hiring an experienced radiologist without verifying his credentials is not a good idea. Therefore, hospitals outsource radiologists credentialing services. The service works in favour of hospitals to hire the most qualified candidate for the post of the radiologist.

Radiologists Billing and Collection Service: Finances play an important role in keeping a hospital functioning without any interruption. It is, therefore, hospitals outsource radiologists billing and collection service to boost their revenue cycle. The service helps radiologists to improve nuclear medicine administration by focusing on patients rather than focusing on payment of the fees. It is one way to ensure cash inflow by eliminating all the errors that may occur during the billing process. A trained medical biller is provided by the medical company to make the billing process quick and hassle-free.

Radiologists Insurance Verification: Some people can’t afford to get nuclear medicine tests due to its cost. In such a case, people tend to rely on insurance policies. However, sometimes insurance payers tend to deny insurance claims. This is where radiologists insurance verification comes in. The service helps hospitals to verify, authorize and reimburse insurance claims.

Radiologists Patient Statement: An insurance payer only pays the promised amount to radiologists. But the remaining amount is to be paid by the patient. The radiologists patient statement gives a detailed insight into the service, charges and amount paid by the insurance payer.