Gynecologist Billing and Collection Services

The healthcare industry is dedicated to giving medical care to women. Nowadays, medical schools and hospitals are paying special attention to understanding the female body. The female body is quite complex to understand, especially when it comes to the reproductive system. It is, therefore, hospitals are focusing on obstetrics and gynecology. The aim is to improve the standards of medical care to treat health problems in women that are associated with reproductive health. An OB-GYN or obstetrician-gynecologist specializes in obstetrics and gynecology. He/she is trained to provide medical care to women during pregnancy and childbirth. Unlike an OB-GYN, a gynecologist focuses especially on treating a woman’s reproductive health. He/she is trained to treat issues associated with fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus, and vagina. It is the gynecologist who is trained to understand a woman’s bodily changes from puberty to adulthood. Therefore, a lot of women prefer to visit a gynecologist with high experience in gynecology. No woman can take the risk of visiting a less experienced gynecologist for it may lead to more complications. Keeping this in mind, hospitals are also focusing on hiring the best OB-GYN and gynecologist. To achieve the target of hiring the best gynecologist hospitals are outsourcing various kinds of services from medical billing companies.

A medical billing company is known to provide its best assistance when it comes to administrative tasks like billing, credentialing, verification, etc. The following are the obstetrics and gynecology administrative services offered by the medical billing company.

Gynecologist Credentialing: Interviewing eligible candidates for the post of the gynecologist is one thing but verifying their credentials is another thing. Verifying credentials is not a cakewalk. It is; therefore, hospitals outsource gynecologist credentialing service. With this service, hospitals can take the liberty to focus on other tasks. The medical billing company ensures thorough verification of a gynecologist’s credentials assuring that he/she is highly experienced and has good knowledge of gynecology.

Gynecologist Billing and Collection: Thousands of female patients visit the gynecologist to get medical care making it difficult to log each patient in order to charge him/her for the gynecologist’s services. This is where gynecologist billing and collection service comes in. The service helps the hospital to keep track of all the patients by billing them for gynecologist’s medical care services. This ensures a strong revenue cycle by maintaining a continuous flow of cash. Furthermore, it also ensures that the gynecologist gets paid on time so that his finances won’t affect.

Gynecologist Insurance Verification: Gynecologist treatments may not be affordable for everyone. So, in order to make such treatments affordable, the healthcare industry allows patients to get health insurance. However, insurance claims are likely to get denied in case the payer refuses to pay. Therefore, to avoid such denials or fraud, hospitals are outsourcing gynecologist insurance verification from medical billing companies. The service is beneficial in authorizing the insurance claim so that the insurance payer pays the promised amount without any failure.

Gynecologist Patient Statement: Since the total amount is split between the insurance payer and the patient is important to give a detailed statement to the patient. The gynecologist patient statement is one way to assure that the patient pays the remaining amount.