Oncologist Billing and Collection Services

Cancer is one of the most dangerous health conditions that can’t be cured easily unless it’s caught at an early stage. The physician holding specialization in oncology is called an oncologist. He/she is trained to treat cancer. On the other hand, the physician holding specialization in hematology is trained to study the blood. A hematologist-oncologist is an expert in diagnosing cancers such as lymphoma, leukemia, etc.

Hospitals are trying their best to improve oncology treatments by investing in oncology medicine. This is where medical billing services come in.

Oncologist Credentialing: An oncologist is required to be highly knowledgeable and skilled in oncology. It is; therefore, hospitals outsource oncologist credentialing services from the medical billing companies. The service is beneficial in two ways. Firstly it allows hospitals to hire the best oncologist for their oncology and hematology department. The responsibility of verifying the credentials of all the eligible candidates is given to the billing company. The company ensures that only the most skilled oncologist gets the job so that cancer patients can rely on their doctors for the best oncology treatment. Secondly, the hospital’s staff can focus on their work since they won’t have to spend more time interviewing the candidates and verifying their credentials.

Oncologist Billing and Collection: Oncologists have too many patients to attend. This means they really don’t have time to bill their patients for the oncology treatment they may have received. It is; therefore, hospitals are outsourcing oncologist billing and collection service. The purpose of the service is to make the billing and collection process hassle-free. The medical billing company provides the hospital with an expert biller. The biller knows all the oncology treatments and their charges. He/she is trained to gather all the data related to patients so as to prepare bills. The service is quite beneficial in maintaining and boosting the revenue cycle of the hospital. Since each hospital is charged for the oncologist’s services, there is no way to disrupt the revenue cycle.

Oncologist Insurance Verification: Insurances allow a lot of patients to access oncology medical care services. With the help of insurance payers, patients can visit the best oncologist to get treatment for cancer. However, the problem is that insurance claims may lead to fraud or denials. This may happen if an insurance payer does not authorize the insurance claim or denies making the payment. This is where oncology insurance verification comes in. The service allows a team of experts to verify an insurance claim and get it authorized. Once the insurance claim has been authorized, the payer is obliged to pay the promised amount without affecting the finances of the hospital. This prevents insurance claim denials or fraud.

Oncologist Patient Statement: It is not easy to explain the patient about the charges paid by the insurance payer. Sometimes understanding the billing charges is not that simple. Therefore it is essential to explain all the costs to the patient in a detailed manner. The oncology patient statement service helps in giving a comprehensive insight into the patient’s bill. It mentions the remaining amount that is required to be paid by the patient.