Ophthalmologist Billing and Collection Services

Today, thousands of patients visit hospitals to get their eyes treated. Each of them wishes to get the best eye care. But without an ophthalmologist, giving the best eye care to such patients may not become possible. This is why every acclaimed hospital pays special attention to ophthalmology by outsourcing various kinds of services from medical billing companies.

Some of the services are as follows.

Ophthalmologist Credentialing: An ophthalmologist is responsible to save the vision of a lot of patients. He/she gives a ray of hope to those who wish to see the beauty of the world. But what if the ophthalmologist hired by a hospital is not good enough at his/her job? Then, all those people visiting that particular ophthalmologist may end up losing their vision. It is, therefore, hospitals are outsourcing ophthalmologist credentialing services from medical billing companies. A good medical billing company extends a helping hand to hospitals to search and hire a highly skilled ophthalmologist. The company provides the hospital with a team to interview the eligible candidates for the post of the ophthalmologist. The team verifies the credentials of the candidates and evaluates their ophthalmology knowledge and skills. The service also proves to be beneficial in saving the time of hospital staff so that they may be able to do some productive tasks.

Ophthalmologist Billing and Collection: Hospitals offer medical care in different specialities, including ophthalmologist. In order to maintain the smooth functioning of the ophthalmology department hospitals are required to maintain the revenue cycle. The continuous inflow of cash ensures uninterrupted investment in ophthalmology equipment. It also ensures that the ophthalmologist also gets paid for his medical care services. This is where the ophthalmologist billing and collection service comes in. The medical billing company provides the hospital with a trained medical biller to charge and bill patients for ophthalmologist’s medical services. The medical biller is aware of all the ophthalmology treatments and their charges. The service gives the assurance of error-free billing and also ensures the payment of ophthalmologist’s medical care services. In addition, it also helps the ophthalmologist to stay focused and boost his productivity while treating the patients.

Ophthalmologist Insurance Verification: Insurance policies are beneficial for those who can’t afford to visit an ophthalmologist for the treatment of their eyes. But insurance claims are not free from fraud or denials. It is, therefore, hospitals tend to verify insurance claims beforehand. For this purpose, hospitals are outsourcing ophthalmologist insurance verification services from the medical billing companies. A team of experts takes the responsibility to verify the insurance claim and get it authorized from the insurance payer. This helps in preventing insurance claim denials or fraud by making the client pay the promised amount without any failure.

Ophthalmologist Patient Statement: Even though the patient has insurance, he/she is still required to pay some amount for the ophthalmologist’s medical services. This is where ophthalmologist patient statement service comes in. The service is useful in providing a detailed bill to the patient. The details contain all the services received by the patient, charges and the amount paid by the insurance payer. This helps the patient to identify the remaining amount that he/she is required to pay.