Pathologist Billing and Collection Services

The healthcare industry is dependent on pathologists to provide cure and treatments for various diseases caused by pathogens. A pathologist is a key person behind the cure for most of the deadly diseases. He/she is responsible for identifying pathogens affecting the health of a patient.

Therefore, the healthcare industry relies on medical companies for the following services to improve the efficiency of pathology.

Pathologist Credentialing: A pathologist’s role in the healthcare industry is a crucial one. It is the job of the pathologist to help the doctor with correct diagnosis and treatment. For this purpose, the pathologist conducts several lab tests that are requested by the doctor. It is; therefore, hospitals pay special attention to the qualification and credentials of a pathologist. This is where pathologist credentialing comes in. Hospitals outsource pathologist credentialing to medical companies to make the hiring process quick and efficient. It is the job of the medical company to find the best pathologist for your hospital by verifying his/her credentials and by evaluating his/her knowledge and skills in pathology.

Pathologist Billing and Collection: A pathologist is always busy conducting lab tests for various symptoms and identify the pathogens causing them. The lab is full of thousands of samples that are required to be tested in a stipulated time period. This means the pathologist cannot leave the lab to check whether he/she is being paid for his pathology services or not. Pathologist billing and collection service ensure that the pathologist can conduct the lab tests without worrying about the finances. The medical company provides the hospital with a trained medical biller. It is the responsibility of the biller to charge the patient for the pathology services he/she may have received. The purpose of this service is to manage and boost the hospital’s revenue cycle.

Pathologist Insurance Verification: Not everyone can afford to get pathology medical care for some of the costly lab tests. Therefore, to make the pathology services accessible to everyone, the healthcare industry, along with insurance payers, promise to offer better insurance policies. This is where the pathologist insurance verification service comes in. The service helps thousands of patients to get the best pathology lab tests for all kinds of diseases. However, insurance claims and submissions may lead to denials furthermore leading to insurance fraud. To prevent insurance fraud, the hospital outsources pathologist insurance verification service. With this service, the hospital gets the assistance of a team of experts to verify insurance claims and made sure the payer pays the promised amount.

Pathologist Patient Statement: Insurance payer is not obliged to pay the entire amount. The pay is only responsible for paying the promised amount as per the insurance policy. The rest of the amount is to be paid by the patient. To ensure full payment of the pathology medical care, the hospitals outsource pathologist patient statements. The patient statement gives details of pathology charges for the medical care received by the patient. The service is beneficial in maintaining the inflow of finances of both the hospital and the pathologist.