Our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions give you an upper edge over other practices by multiplying cash flow and ensuring a more streamlined medical billing process. We cover all the aspects of revenue cycle management, including Insurance Verification, Account Receivables, Payment Posting, Provider Enrollment, and Credentialing. To maintain privacy and accuracy, we keep a record of all your payments. Below is an outline of disciplines in which we provide service

  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Coding
  • Charge Posting
  • A/R Follow up
  • Eligibility Verification
  • Claims Transmission
  • Payment Posting
  • Patient Statement
  • Provider Credentialing
  • Insurance Verification
  • Authorization
  • Credit Balance
  • Worker’s Comp Billing
  • No Fault Billing

Eligibility Verification

Medical Billing starts with Insurance eligibility verification. This is the process where the billing company checks the eligible benefits of the patient with the insurance company. The patient is billed by the provider based on the benefits. At Capline, we have a dedicated insurance verification team to ensure that we start the medical billing process without any errors. Flawless eligibility verification reduces the risk of denials and results in better reimbursements.

Medical Coding

Medical Coding is a crucial part of the revenue cycle process. An accurate and efficient coding process helps to maintain proper patient records, streamline medical billing & manage claims effectively. Capline’s expert medical coding team understands the importance of correct medical codes for smooth business operations and better returns. With the assistance of flawless coding from our experts, healthcare providers can focus on the most important aspect of their business – the Patients, without worrying about the complexities involved in the medical coding process.

Charge Entry

Another important part of the medical billing process is the charge entry service. Charge Entry decides the reimbursement amount that a medical practitioner will receive from the insurance company. Being a critical part of the medical billing process, charge entry entails highly experienced & qualified team members to do the job. Capline’s dedicated charge entry team assures healthcare professionals of quality work resulting in faster & flawless reimbursements.

Claims Transmission

Claims Transmission is the process of electronically filing the insurance claims over the phone or a computer to a health insurance company or a third party payer for payment processing. Electronic claims submission helps healthcare providers minimize the administrative burden and expense that is associated with manual claims processing and submission. Using electronic claims for payments result in faster and accurate payments. At Capline, we have the required know-how, technology expertise & skill set to file your claims electronically for faster payments.

Detailed Reporting

We share detailed reports on a weekly and monthly basis to keep you updated about progress in your practice’s collections. The actionable reports, made by leveraging the state-of-the-art MIS solutions, provide you the critical information required to strategize and make further decisions. We can also design customized reports as per your specific needs.